What are Social Signals?

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Alright, so what are “social signals”?

Maybe you have heard of them at an increasing rate, or maybe they have just come onto your radar? Social signals refer to activity on social media sites, including but not limited to shares, likes, retweets, votes, pins on Pinterest, and overall activity and visibility.

With the rise of social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the advertisements of websites and businesses has taken on an entirely new meaning. Whether you love or hate using these increasingly popular sites is irrelevant if you really want to improve your chances of website traffic and search engine ranking. And as you are probably aware, that can be majorly important in the continuing and increased success of your website and/or business.

Social signals are new links in increasing search engine rankings, and in many ways are SEO’s new best friend. Social signals create easy access to discovering businesses and websites by making them all more visible, both on social media and through search engines. Bing and Google are examples of search engines that are increasingly turning to social signals to determine website rankings. Some things they take into account for this include:

● Authority and genuineness of the social signals and who they are coming from (which means whether the social signals are coming from fake profiles and other shady schemes versus authentic profiles).
● The number of Facebook likes and shares a URL has garnered
● A URL’s social signal activity on Twitter, such as retweets.

Google Plus is another sound investment when it comes to increasing your social signals. Facebook and Twitter are important, but through a social experiment analysing the impact of 6 websites, receiving new Google Plus followers and activity on a business’s page resulted in an even more positive effect than activity from Facebook or Twitter. The latter two still increased the website’s ranking, but not quite to the same degree. Nonetheless, taking into account all social networks is imperative when it comes to rising your search engine position and ranking.

When it comes to getting these social signals, there are a few ways to go about it. Slower methods can mean making posts at high-activity times throughout the day on social networks and using tags to reach wider audiences yourself, but there is also another reputable way to guarantee success. You can buy social signals! Yeah, you read that right. There are many services out there promising various levels of signals and authenticity, but Signals Ninja is a pioneer in both quality and assurance. So, what makes us stand out above the rest?

As mentioned above, search engines look for authenticity and authority when it comes to where your signals (likes, shares, tweets) are coming from. Lower-quality services often use underhanded and disreputable means to increase your social signals, like, for example, using fake profiles to supposedly promote your business. It can be daunting enough to trust these services, but having your investment actually hurt your chances at increasing your ranking is simply unacceptable. Here at Signals Ninja, we provide signals that are 100% legal and organic. Now that you know what social signals are and what to look out for, invest into your business today with premium signals that will bolster your brand’s success.

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