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Custom Signals Package


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Please make sure that you only submit your website URL. No social media URLs, such as Facebook etc. For more information, please check out our FAQ page.

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Our Social Signals follow a similar ratio of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
50% Facebook Signals
30% Twitter Signals
20% Pinterest Signals

Our drip feeds vary from the amount you enter. For example:

200 Signals – 10 Day Drip feed
300 Signals – 15 Day Drip feed
600 Signals – 20 Day Drip feed
1000+ Signals – 30 Day Drip feed

If you have any questions regarding the drip feed, please feel free to contact us.
Unsure on what Social Signals are? Read more here!

We do not accept URLs of the following kind:

  • Facebook (Eg. Pages / Groups)
  • Pinterest
  • Redirected URLs (URLs that redirect when opened)
  • Adult content
  • Pharmaceutical Sites (Supplements, any kind of pill or powder)
  • Gambling Related Sites
  • Weaponry / Firearms


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