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Social Signals are a combination of likes, shares, views, re-tweets, favourites, pins, and other “sharing” features of the biggest social networking sites. These “signals” carry on to various search engines, which strengthens your organic search rankings.


Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point…

Social Signals are EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, and have an IMPACT on your website. If you want to get the most out of your business, it’s best to invest in strong social signals.


Because you get better reach, higher authority, and generally more traffic to your website. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome deal?

So now, the only problem is where do you find these magical signals that can catapult you straight to the top?


Signals Ninja has got your back!

Here at Signals Ninja, you get nothing but real social signals from living and breathing humans!

Unfortunately, there are TONS of signals providers who offer a crappy service either through bots, social share farms from fake profiles, and other bogus activities that will do nothing but hurt your rankings.

Sure they’re cheap and cool at the beginning, but what happens after a few weeks? Your website gets penalized by Google and your rankings drastically fall.

Sounds scary? It is most definitely scary.

So for your sake, go with a legit service – one that’s served fresh right here at Signals Ninja!


What Sets Us Apart?

REAL Social Signals


Okay, okay… You’ve seen this so many times already, and you must be wondering what we mean when we say “real”? Surely, other providers claim this too, right?

Here’s what makes us different.

We have an exclusive contract with a major mobile app developer wherein we incentivise the mobile app users (real users) every time they share your URLs.

This means that every single one of your signals is generated by real people, who genuinely shared/retweeted/liked your URL. It’s all organic. 100% legal. And 100% BS-FREE.

You won’t be wasting your time and resources with our service, because you are getting the best and highest quality social signals that money can buy!

The Bottom-line

You need high quality, and most importantly, real social signals to scale up your business. And that my friend, is exactly what Signals Ninja provides.

You can choose from our wide array of packages which range from a 7-day-long drip to a month-long drip campaign. This means that for an entire month, you get strong social signals from the top social networking sites— from real people!

This is WAY better than getting thousands of fake social signals all in a day’s work, and we’re certain you agree!

So how about we stop talking and start acting? RIGHT NOW!

We’re excited to work our Signals Ninja magic to your awesome website. Let’s get your business to the top, shall we?